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Build Velocity

Schedule, Track Jobs and Communicate with Ease

How do the most successful PV solar contractors overcome significant challenges facing the industry today and continue to grow?

We surveyed OVER 40 US SOLAR INSTALLATION COMPANIES asking the biggest challenges facing them today and this is what we heard:


expensive and time-consuming permitting

disruptive and unpredictable policies for incentives

lack of good funding options for customers and installers


unsupportive or inconsistent government legislation

repressive or time-consuming utility policies

costly customer acquisition

We also looked into what SUCCESSFUL SOLAR CONTRACTORS were doing in order to remain successful despite these challenges and to compete with the big guys.

One thing they had in common was management tools that helped save on wasted dollars, streamline processes and lower cost of acquisition.

Does your management system do the same for you?

How’s your project management system working for you? If you’re anything like many contractors:

Your system is a bit all over the place. Files. To do lists and a white board. Spreadsheets. Texts and phone calls. And all those emails.

Time is wasted. Triple data entry. Tracking down installers in the field. Scheduling, scheduling.

Money is lost. Redundant, expensive software. Labor inefficiences.

Does this sound like you?

These are actual quotes from our research from solar business owners like you.

Introducing BuildVelocity

Crew Scheduling + Project Milestones + Office and Field Communication + Document Exchange

  • A project management tool designed specifically for and in collaboration with residential solar business owners
  • Works on your desktop or mobile device
  • All data is organized and viewed per project, with date stamps and an ongoing record of all communication

Here are the benefits BuildVelocity will bring to your Business.

Have the Entire Team on the Same Page. Messaging and tasks tracking keeps field and office responsive to one another.

Share Docs with Ease. Upload and receive documents in the field and office, grouped by project.

Schedule Jobs Quickly. Schedule and track crews via an easy to edit, visual calendar designed for both small and large jobs.

Here is a quick tour of BuildVelocity.

The Project Dashboard gives you a snapshot of the status of a project on one page.

The Project Calendar makes scheduling a breeze.

The Field App keeps your on-site teams and office staff on the same page.

Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life. – Christina Scalise